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Event Spaces

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to rent your event space.

Find the date

Check out the calendar to see what dates are available for your event!

*Please note: We need one hour in between events for room turnovers*

Rental Info Sheet

Decide on the space(s)

Decide which space(s) best suit your event.



This is a flexible party room that can be rented for a variety of uses including but not limited to music, arts and crafts, instruction, parties, etc! (Sorry! No balls allowed in this space)




This is a fun recreational space for physical fitness, fun, and games!

(Sorry! No food or drinks allowed in this space)


$100/hour both gym and cafeteria rented together    |    1 hour minimum

Rental Equipment Options

Click the button to check out our rental options to help enhance your event!

Rental Documents

Click and read the rental information sheets to understand more about the rental process!

Old School Rental Request Form

This form is required for requesting rental event space.

If you need space within the next 48 hours, please call 414.380.7401 to request.

Your request has been submitted! Old School Staff will contact you shortly!

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